Summer 2017 and I thought I would have all the time in the world to get everything done! WHAT kind of a fantasy world do I live in? If you are like me, you have a huge "to do" list that just keeps growing.

One thing I have learned about teaching that makes ALL the difference is PREPARATION and attempting to anticipate the results of everything! Who can do that? Remember I told you I was deep into my fantasy world.


Well, anyway, I want to share some information about upcoming Clinical Instructor prep offerings:

2017 Fall Academic Clinical Nursing Instructor Preparation Course

Course Website: http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com

  • The course utilizes the best available evidence including information from the Institute of Medicine and Quality and Safety Education for Nurses.

  • Each module is supported by the National League for Nursing Core Faculty competencies.

This clinical instructor preparation program is:

  1. Cost effective

  2. TOTALLY online

  3. Includes both synchronous and asynchronous activities

  4. Evidence-based

  5. F2F Facilitator

  6. Customizable

  7. Can be incorporated into your school of nursing specific orientation

  8. COURSE DATES and TIMES can be found on the Course Website http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com

Course Specifics

  • Several different course options are available.

  • The course will take approximately 20 hours to complete the 6 modules. Each module contains required readings, videos and online activities.

  • Virtual Meetings are scheduled after the completion of 1-2 modules. The reflection/discussion questions are posted with each module and are used for our Face-2-Face virtual discussions.

  • Each virtual meeting will last approximately 60 minutes.

Course Cost: Only $ 29.00/per instructor

Group Discounts are available

Customized Dates and times are available for both individuals and groups.

Check out the video for more information about the specifics of the course.



Course Website: http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com

Traditional Option: 6 weeks

  • Complete one module per week, followed by one virtual discussion Face to Face (F2F) group meeting each week.

Month Option: 4 weeks

  • Complete two modules per week and join virtual F2F discussion online each week.

Accelerated Intensive Option(s) A or B

Complete the course in just 1 week!

Option A: http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com

  • Complete all 6 modules in one week.

  • Virtual Discussions are scheduled Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Monday: Part 1: Introduction to Clinical Teaching: Approximately 3 hours

(*note first modules will be completed prior to meeting for the first time online)

• Module 1: Transition to the role

• Module 2: Mentorship

  • Virtual Meeting/Discussion

Wednesday: Part 2: Teaching and Learning: Approximately 4-5 hours

• Module 3: Teaching and Learning

• Module 4: Foundations of Clinical Teaching

  • Virtual Meeting/Discussion

Friday: Part 3: Clinical Teaching: Approximately 5-6 hours

• Module 5: The Clinical Day

• Module 6: The Student Evaluation

  • Virtual Meeting/Discussion: 1 hour

  1. Option B:

  • Complete all 6 modules in one week.

  • 1 hour Virtual Discussions scheduled daily

Course website: http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com


  • Mon: Introductions & Directions, Q & A

  • Tues: Part 1: Introduction to Clinical Teaching: Mod(s) 1 & 2: (3 hours)

  • Wed: Part 2: Teaching & Learning: Mod(s) 3 &4: (4-5 hours)

  • Thurs: Part 3: The Clinical Day/Planning the Clinical Rotation: Mod 5 only (4-5 hours)

  • Fri: Part 4: The Student Evaluation: Mod 6 & wrap-up (2 hours)

Finally, here is a short video about why preparation is so important, as well as how to be successful in this course. VIDEO

Contact information:

Course Website: http://www.clinicalnursinginstructor.com


Dr. Susan Knowles, DNP, RN, WHNP-BC



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