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Reading the latest blog/article post in Faculty Focus today got me thinking about “First Impressions” as this is the subject of the post. What better time to think about first impressions than at the beginning of a New Year, as well as, at the beginning of a new clinical rotation with students? This can be especially important when you are a new instructor? It seems to me that the success and failure of so many interactions and subsequent relationships with others is as a result of a first impression. That’s not to say that to some extent those “first impressions” can be altered. However, I think to some extent we guard or measure our future beliefs based on what we experience the first time. I can’t help but think we must seriously consider this phenomenon as we prepare as nursing instructors.

I’ve often thought, that as nurse educators, we are in a very precarious position. We must balance an attitude of both caring and discipline. We are the role models for the next generation of nurses and with that comes a huge responsibility. Through our interactions with both students and patients we know we need and want to demonstrate caring and leadership. Demonstrating these two characteristics is integral to the role, a somewhat yin and yang of both soft and firm.

This is why beginning prepared is so important.

Happy New Year!

Buirs, B. (2016). First Impressions: Activities for the First Day of Class. Faculty Focus. Retrieved from


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