Take a look at a "Day in the Life" of a nurse educator

This video gives a great overall view of a day in the life of a full-time nursing instructor. While we may not all be teaching in 5 different courses nursing instructors do work many more hours than one might think.

Why do we do it?

When we work as a nurse we know we can impact our patient's lives usually only one patient at a time. However, when our work as nursing instructors...who knows how many patient's lives we touch?

The satisfaction of seeing the light bulb come on as students "get it" is incredible. Seeing students graduate, become nurses, and move on to other positions; charges nurses, managers, instructors, nurse practitioners, more...​

The story of the hard work and dedication of UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff is depicted through this video featuring Dr. Cheryl Brandt, professor of nursing.

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