The Academic Clinical Nursing Instructor program was developed using the best available nursing evidence found in the literature and after completion of the Colorado Clinical Scholars Course.

Marianne Druva Horner, MS, RN, CNM served as my mentor and course content expert.
Project Director, Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence

Looking for a Face-2-Face Course

The fee for the course is $1550. 


Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence

Clinical Scholar Workshop

Upon completion of the five-day course, the expectation is that the Clinical Scholar will be actively involved in teaching nursing students. Because of the high demand for this education, you should only register if clinical teaching is something that you want to pursue at the present time and fits within your current employment situation.

This is a five-day workshop and participants are expected to attend all five days in their entirety.

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Clinical Faculty Development Workshop: Face-to-Face

Massachusetts area

The purpose of this Clinical Faculty Development Program is to orient nursing faculty who take students to the clinical setting to learn more about this vital role.


This competency-based orientation is designed for nurses who teach in the clinical environment and work with nursing students. It utilizes a triad of competencies including QSEN, Nursing of the Future, and NLN educator competencies.


The goals are to support nursing faculty who work full-time, part-time or as adjunct to gain competency as they transition to an educator role.

Check out this link for the RNFD Clinical faculty development workshop & orientation

Nurse Tim Inc.

Nurse Tim Inc. offers many different continuing education webinars:

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