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The Program Courses


The Academic Clinical Teacher Course

Becoming a Clinical Nurse Educator


Module # 1: Transitioning to the role of Effective Clinical Instructor


  • The purpose of this module is to present a realistic picture of the transition process from clinical nurse expert to novice nurse educator and secondly to become aware of the most effective teacher characteristics from the nursing student’s perspective.


Module # 2: The Mentoring Relationship 


  • The purpose of this module is to provide the background, purpose, and importance of the mentoring relationship between new faculty and seasoned faculty.


Module # 3: Teaching and Learning 


  • Purpose of the module is to introduce the novice clinical instructor to learning theories with real world application that can be applied when teaching nursing students.


Module # 4: Foundational Issues in Clinical Instruction


  • The purpose of this module is to provide foundational information specific to academic clinical teaching specifically in the areas of:

    • Ethics

    • Trust

    • National League for Nursing (NLN)

    • Institute of Medicine (IOM)

    • Quality and Safety Education (QSEN)

    • Incivility

    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


 Academic Clinical Nursing Instructor:

Teaching the Clinical Rotation


Modules # 1- 5: The Clinical Day


  • The purpose of these modules is to provide the novice clinical instructor with a guide for self-preparation, planning the clinical day and to develop teaching strategies for teaching students in the clinical area. The supplemental module of clinical tools is available for instructor use too.


Module # 6: The Clinical Evaluation


  • The purpose of this module is to assist the novice clinical instructor with the basic principles of providing both formative and summative clinical evaluations.



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