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Guide to Getting Started: Academic Clinical Instructor Prep Courses

The password for the courses will be sent after the registration is paid. Click on the ONLINE COURSES tab (at the top of the website home page) then Insert the password in the box of the Guest Area (which will pop up after clicking the module tab).

  • Course Set-up: Click on the E-LIBRARY at the COURSE page to Download the articles to read prior to starting each of the course modules.  

  • E-Library: Find this under the Course Materials tab. You may use this short-cut method to obtain all of the articles for each module.

  • Each subsequent visit go directly to the Library from the Course Materials tab to access the readings

  • Once you click the START module:You will be taken to the LMS for the module.  You will be asked to register here too. *Please register here with your complete name and email.

  • Log Books: Please download the logbooks to keep track of the things you plan to implement and for answering the discussion questions. Find these using the tab on the Course page.

  • Online meetings (optional):Limited to 1 hour after modules.

  • Course and Module Evaluations: 

    • Go to the Dropdown menu and select the correct module that you wish to evaluate. Check closely that your are evaluating the correct module.

    • Complete after online-discussions when taking course with live discussions option. 

  • Technology issues:  Shut down to reboot and then begin again. You can let me know if this does not work (see the help tab).

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