Become an Expert

After you complete all the modules. Please complete the course evaluation.

1. To Apply classroom concepts to clinical practice/situations.


2. Teach during low patient census.


3. Ask guided questions of students.


4. How to prepare myself to teach as a clinical nursing instructor.


6. What to do during a clinical day with students.


7. Importance of the nursing clinical instructor role.


8. Importance of becoming socialized to the role through increased contact with the school of nursing.


9. Characteristics of the best clinical nursing instructor.


10.Importance of being a good role model for students.


11.Being a mentor or having a mentor.


12. Trust as it relates to teaching.


13. Knowledge of teaching theories and how they can be applied to clinical teaching.

14. Teaching Strategies.

15. Importance of frequent, specific feedback to students

16. The clinical student evaluation.

17. The Reading(s) 

(Specific readings that resonated with you.

18. Online Activities: DiSC and/or the VARK

19. Virtual Group Discussion.

20. Discussion of reflective questions.

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