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1. What resources will I need for this course?

  • A computer

  • Internet access

  • Competency in English


2. What will I learn if I take this course?

  • Essential knowledge to transition into the role of clinical nursing instructor.


3. What background is expected to take this course?

  • Interest in teaching nursing

  • Licensure as an RN in Arizona

  • Minimally you must be an RN with a BSN and three years of nursing experience

       (Arizona State Board of Nursing (AZBN), R4-19-204 E 1-2).


4. What will determine successful completion of this course?

  • Completion of all modules

  • Attendance of both face-to-face meetings

  • Completion of all course evaluations, pretest and post-test.

  • Recommendation by mentor/clinical coordinator


5. Are there any suggested textbooks?

  • Yes. The suggested textbooks are:

  1. Gaberson, K.B, Oermann, M.H., & Shellenbarger, T. (2015). Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing (4th ed.). New York, Springer Publishing Co.

  2. Kan, E., & Stabler-Haas, S. (2014). Fast Facts for the Clinical Nursing Instructor: Clinical Teaching in a Nutshell. New York, Springer Publishing Co. 

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