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Authors other than Susan Knowles, DNP have material (videos) embedded within this course for educational purposes only. Permissions have been granted, however, they too have rights reserved to their material.


Dr. Patricia Benner

 RE: Novice Clinical Instructors Course <>Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 8:17 AM



Dear Dr. Knowles, 

Yes, we are happy to have you share the previews from Educating Nurses. Your program sounds really useful.  I am attaching an article that might be useful. We haven't advertised our website to hospitals but are discovering that they are interested in the site. I wish you well with your program and encourage you to publish your results. 

Best Wishes, 
Patricia Benner


Dr. Kimberly Silver-Dunker : The videos are the property of Dr. Silver and are copyrighted. If videos are used please notify Dr. Silver at Please give all credit to developer:


Dr. Neil Fleming: If you are a student or teacher in a high school, college or university you are welcome to use the VARK™ questionnaire by linking to our website, or to use paper copies. We ask that you provide this acknowledgement: © Copyright Version 7.8 (2014) held by VARK Learn Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand.


QSEN Modules-The materials on the QSEN Web site ( are freely available for educational use, but original content such as the teaching strategies must be cited.





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