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About the Preparation Program

Goal: After completing the preparation program, novice clinical nursing faculty will be prepared to facilitate student learning through the use of newly learned teaching skills and strategies, feel a part of the teaching team, find fulfillment in the role as a clinical teacher, and safeguard patients.

                                      Why do Nursing Clinical Instructors need this program?

Registered nurses are being hired into part-time clinical teaching positions to meet the increased demand for nursing instructors. However, novice clinical nursing instructors without either academic teaching preparation or teaching experience struggle in the role, report feelings of estrangement, and often discontinue teaching, necessitating the need to regularly rehire clinical teaching faculty.

  • This practice negatively impacts student learning and potentially patient safety.


Purpose of the preparation program: To improve nursing education.


  • Focus needs to be placed on developing faculty with teaching skills specifically in the areas of reflective practice and critical thinking. 


  • Novice faculty members also need an understanding of clinical situations as related to student learning. 


  • Prepared clinical instructors have the opportunity to contribute meaningful learning opportunities to student nurses.




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